Silicon Institute of Technology is committed to providing the best of technical skills, professional ethics and human values through the support of all its stakeholders; Industries being one of them!

The Institution prides itself of its Students’ Achievements and Quality of Learning. We present a glimpse of Students’ achievement through the years linked here . The professional and academic exposure provided allows our students to stand out from the rest. They are designed to make conscious decisions about their profession based on their interest and not merely by following the bandwagon.

Every year a class of scholars turn out with a passion for excellence and drive to achieve as Technology Professionals. They carve out their future in chosen domains. During their transformation into Professionals the Institution facilitates their learning, reasoning, decision, vision and achievement. The curriculum is supported by robust coursework through workshops, seminars, industrial exposure, and paper presentation, mentoring for higher studies, research, entrepreneurship and employment support.

They are moulded through leadership programs and finishing training, so that they can bear their future responsibilities with honour and excellence! The students pride themselves of being independent, innovative and abreast with the technology trends. With deep involvement in project work, research publications, technical experimentation and certification trainings, our students have chosen to dedicate time for sports, cultural and humanitarian causes. This has made Silicon Institute of Technology a space for learning, achieving and contributing to the society at large and in a holistic manner.

By the time our students have completed their professional programme, they are prepared to face the real professional world with valour. In this transmigration they get support from one of the key departments; the INDUSTRY INTERFACE CELL (II Cell) – a team that links them to the Industries they would be best suited for.

It is a body of Professionals, Faculty Members and Students that brings the Industrial perspective of engineering fields to the academic arena. It inspires students to link with Industries to understand their business and grooms them as professionals ready to take charge of their future role.