The Silicon community benefits from the many vibrant collaborations fostered by the faculty members, research labs, and the on-campus centers for entrepreneurship development and industry interface. The collaborations strengthen the educational quest of Silicon to promote scientific temperament, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Many of these collaborations further the research enterprise at Silicon as students and faculty members partner with technology firms to study, design and develop products for deployment. For instance, a few of the industry collaboration outcomes include the design of analog circuit blocks that were integrated into a fabricated chip, deployment of IoT sensor devices in diesel generators to build a case study on prognostic maintenance, and development of new kinds of passive sensors based on optical fiber technologies.

Industry Collaborations

VLSI Experts Pvt.Ltd., India

VLSI Experts Pvt. Ltd. is an educational group aiming to bridge the gap between the semiconductor industry and educational institutions by conducting workshops, seminars, short-term courses, guest lectures and career counseling. The collaboration will pave the way for VLSI courses for SiliconTech students to build their expertise and careers in the semiconductor industry.

STMicroelectronics Pvt.Ltd., India

ST is a global multinational electronics and semiconductor chipmaker. The collaboration with ST Micron, India, will give SiliconTech students the opportunity to work on ST Micron defined projects to design building blocks for semiconductor chips, commonly called as IPs or Semiconductor Libraries.

Silicon Tech Lab Pvt.Ltd., India

The Silicon Tech Lab (STL) builds products and solutions in cloud computing, mobility and data analytics. The collaboration primarily seeks to incubate Silicon Tech Lab at Silicons’ Business Incubator creating opportunities for faculty and students to work on new products and technologies in education, health care and energy utility. They will provide consulting services to enterprises in manpower cultivation, financing, information provision and operational management.

Sevya Multimedia Technologies Pvt.Ltd., India

Sevya develops and delivers best-in-class, scalable and maintainable products and solutions for web, mobile and enterprise including VLSI and Embedded System Design Services. SiliconTec will mentor and train new employees for Sevya in the area of CMOS VLSI design and open-source CAD flow initiatives.

Phoenix Robotix Pvt.Ltd., India

Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd. (PRPL) develops IoT platforms using data science and machine learning to build sustainable cities. SiliconTech and PRPL will conduct collaborative research to develop hardware and software solutions in the IoT domain, and assist each other in the development of new technologies and marketable products in IoT and Industry 4.0.

PerfectVIPs Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

PerfectVIPs is a leading semiconductor company providing ASIC design and verification services. The collaboration will give SiliconTech students exposure to microarchitecture development, RTL coding, synthesis, developing custom and standard VIPs, verification environment development and functional environment. It will also include collaborative writing of proposals to seek research grant funds from government agencies like AICTE and DST.

FreeFlow Ventures Pvt.Ltd., India

The collaboration aims to create a start-up ecosystem in the SiliconTech campus through FreeFlow’s Venture Builders program. Chosen groups of students will get the required hand-holding for product design, funding, marketing, and establishing a start-up company soon after the end of their B.Tech program. The collaboration aims to produce at least five successful start-ups every year.

Boston Microtechnology LLC, USA

Boston Microtechnology (BMT) is a fabless semiconductor company working on cutting-edge analog integrated circuits for high-voltage power management. As part of this collaboration, students will design and implement industry-standard integrated circuit (IC) blocks. They will undertake research in mixed-signal CMOS circuit design, simulation using enterprise-grade EDA tools, propose novel approaches and deploy with the help of BMT experts.

AcesoCloud Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

AcesoCloud is a software solutions and product development company. The collaboration will expose SiliconTech students to software development in the healthcare field. AcesoCloud’s expertise will help Silicon Incubation Center to build affordable health care services for rural India. The partnership will also include collaborative writing of proposals to seek research grant funds from government agencies like AICTE and DST.

Knowledge Collaborations

InDNA Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

inDNA Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., a DSIR Govt of India certified Company, is a pioneering DNA-based Clinic with a molecular platform innovated to offer customized solutions for the identification of DNA-based changes and their impact on health. This MoU aims to promote education and research in the areas of Molecular Medicine, Genetics, Forensic Sciences, and Public Health. The collaboration seeks to launch a M.Sc. (Molecular Medicine) program as well as open a research facility by the name of JBS Haldane Center.

EduSkills Foundation, India

EduSkills is an ISO 9001 non-profit organization which enables Industry 4.0 ready digital workforce in India. It aims to fill the gap between academia and industry by ensuring world class curriculum access to faculty and students. The MoU seeks to expand digital skills into the higher education system by offering various world class technical programs. It will also foster collaboration in the areas of skill development, IT education and workforce development.

The Institution of Engineers (India)

The Institution of Engineers (IEI) is the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of engineers and a pioneer body to introduce continuing engineering education programs in the country. The collaboration seeks to develop joint research projects and avail funding, exchange academic information, materials and facilities, conduct short term courses, training and certification programs, and organize/participate in joint symposia, seminars, conferences and workshops.

NORD Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd., India

The collaboration is with the Indian subsidiary of the NORD Drivesystems group in Germany. It is a global technology company in the field of design and development of industrial gear drives, electric motors and electronic variable frequency drives. The collaboration fosters cooperation in information sharing and training opportunities, and in some instances joint programs in the areas of gears, gear boxes, mechanical electrical and electronic industrial drives, gear trains and transmission.

Infosys Campus Connect

Campus Connect from Infosys Technologies is an industry-academia partnership initiative. It focuses on preparing industry-ready professionals by aligning the needs of engineering colleges, the faculty and students with the needs of the industry.


CSIR-IMMT is a research laboratory with a focus on areas of minerals engineering and materials technology. The collaborative efforts will train SiliconTech students and undertake grant-funded research. It will give students access to state-of-the-art equipment related to materials and mineral engineering and the use of advanced material characterization laboratories.


The research collaboration with CSIR-CGCRI Kolkata is to develop new kinds of passive sensors based on optical fiber technologies in SiliconTech’s Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) facility. CSIR-CGCRI provides the necessary technical support such as supplying bare FBGs and guidance to do the experiments. The collaboration is working on optical fibers for sensing varieties of physical parameters, the development of polymer embedded FBG sensors, nano-material composite polymers, and a new kind of optical fiber temperature sensor.

Consultancy Services

PRDC Pvt. Ltd.

Power Research & Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (PRDC) is primarily engaged in providing consultancy services to electricity boards and industrial utilities in the field of power engineering. Through this collaboration, PRDC and SiliconTech will take up high-end research activities in the field of power systems, power system simulation studies and specialized consultancy services related to regulatory issues, energy audit, and distribution system analysis.

Silicon collaborations promote research in diverse areas developing technological innovations to advance society.