Research at Silicon

Silicon supports an expanding research enterprise committed to producing new knowledge, strengthening existing scholarship and discovering solutions with the potential to benefit society.

Silicon researchers collaborate with academics, industry experts and scientists from across the globe to promote advances in science and technology. State-of-the-art infrastructure, interdisciplinary research groups, and partnerships create a vibrant research ecosystem.

Few of the ongoing research at Silicon  include developing fiber optics sensors for civil applications, modernizing the electric grid to a Smart grid with bidirectional communication, computer vision, and developing CMOS integrated circuits and electronic system design.

The in-house Silicon Research Promotion Scheme promotes excellence in higher education and research by funding research projects for up to one year undertaken by faculty members in various disciplines.

More than 60% of our faculty has a Ph.D. Undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. students get the opportunity to work with experts and advance their scientific careers.


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Research at SiliconTech

The Research Center of SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, provides high-quality facilities and support services to ensure an enabling ecosystem for building a thriving research community. Strong research groups in data science, optical sensors, power electronics and systems, signal processing, VLSI and wireless sensor networks advance developments in these fields. SiliconTech research groups foster active partnerships with researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds and collaborations with industry that aid critical research in new directions and deepen existing scholarship.


Research at Silicon West

At Silicon’s youngest campus, Silicon West in Sambalpur, research is a growing enterprise. Faculty pursues independent research and harnesses collaborations to research in diverse areas of engineering, sciences, and humanities. The institute encourages and funds faculty members to take professional membership in research organizations and participate in conferences and seminars to expand the reach of the research outputs and strengthen their networks.


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