Jun' 2021

Advanced VLSI Lab collaborates with Innatera Nanosystems B. V., Netherlands

The Advanced VLSI Laboratory of Silicon Tech, Bhubaneswar signed an agreement with Innatera Nanosystems B.V. on 10 June 2021, to conduct research & development in Analog VLSI Design using the state-of-the-art CMOS Technology.

Innatera is a pioneering Dutch company in the Netherlands developing ultra-low power neuromorphic processors for Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the sensor-edge. As part of the agreement, we designed and delivered complete IP solutions for their high-performance voltage and current reference circuit systems on time. This activity further showcased our capability as an industry-oriented Center of Excellence that very few labs can claim.

The Advanced VLSI Laboratory under ECE department continued its commitment to provide a world-class research and training facility for the students and faculty members in semiconductor electronics. Sevya Multimedia hired 10 students from the graduating batch of 2021 from our Lab, eight students were hired by different VLSI companies including CoreEL, VVDN Technologies and Marquee Semiconductor.

Two sixth semester students, Chandan Singh (ECE) and Subham Rath (ECE) got internship offers in ST Microelectronics and Micron Technology respectively. We conducted a very intensive one-month summer internship course on CMOS VLSI Design and Digital VLSI Design and Verification in May 2021 with 140 students and 10 professionals. One of the highlights of this internship was setting up and running all the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools on the cloud, so students had complete hands-on experience even though the course was conducted online.