Mar' 2022

Advanced VLSI Lab trains New College Graduates (NCGs) from colleges in India and abroad as part of Sevya- SiliconTech Launch Lab

Our Advanced VLSI Lab trained 38 New College Graduates (NCGs) from 20 colleges across India and abroad as part of Sevya- SiliconTech’s Launch Lab initiative.

Launch Lab, a joint initiative of our Advanced VLSI Lab and Sevya Multimedia, was launched last quarter with the objective of accelerating the training of New College Graduates (NCG) so that they can be placed in industry projects immediately after completing 2-3 months of training, which would normally take them 2-3 years.

38 NCGs have been trained in the three major VLSI domains of Process Design Kit (PDK) development, DRAM Memory verification, and Custom Layout Design. The NCGs are from 20 different colleges in India and abroad  including Queen’s University Belfast UK, IIT Kharagpur, NIT Warangal, NIT Allahabad, NIT Jaipur, NIT Jamshedpur, BIT Mesra and BIT Sindri.

A total of 15 trainees have also been placed at two leading semiconductor companies on direct client projects by Sevya Multimedia.  10 SiliconTech students from Advanced VLSI Lab or Launch Lab were directly hired by six leading semiconductor companies viz., Mentor Graphics, Micron Technology, Synopsys, Intel, Wipro VLSI and HCL VLSI.

After a stringent screening process, 21 SilconTech students are being trained at the Advanced VLSI Lab for upcoming internship programs and placement drives.