Apr' 2022

Chandan Singh from the B.Tech. ECE Batch of 2022 gets placed in Mentor Graphics with 20 LPA

Chandan Singh, from 2022 batch of B.Tech. ECE program at SiliconTech, Bhubaneswar has been placed at Mentor Graphics with 20 LPA. Mentor Graphics is one of the renowned US based Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company. Since 2021, Mentor Graphics operates as a division at Siemens named as Siemens EDA.

Chandan is from SiliconTech’s 1st batch of autonomous students. Currently, he is working as an intern at Mentor Graphics with 40K monthly stipend under our Practice School program. He also worked as a project trainee with STMicroelectronics during his 7th semester.

He had his training in the area of VLSI, CMOS and CMOS SRAM IP using OpenRAM in the Nano scale region. He did his project in the field of GRINA, an Aquaponic greenhouse system, Standard Cell Design using 28nm CMOS Technology and HANGMAN-a game using Python 3.0.

He is also a winner of multiple public speaking and elocution contests.