Dec' 2021

Department of ECE organizes a workshop on Nanotechnology and Embedded Systems

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) organized a three-day online workshop on Nanotechnology and Embedded Systems (NES-2021) from 16 to 18 December 2021, in collaboration with Sevya Multimedia Technologies, Greater Noida.

The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness about recent advancements in solid state devices, VLSI circuits, and embedded systems. In addition to providing direct exposure to the VLSI industry, NES 2021 provided our students the opportunity to execute in-house projects and to explore placement or internship opportunities in various VLSI firms, such as Sevya Multimedia, VLSI Expert Pvt. Ltd and STMicroelectronics.

Mr. Puneet Mittal from VLSI Expert Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Alok Kumar Mishra and Mr. Praveena Gowda from Micron Technology, Mr. Jean-François from Sevya Multimedia, and Dr. Siddhartha Dhar, Ms. Namerita Khanna & Mr. Atul Bhargava from STMicroelectronics were the key speakers.

Over 200 people took part in the workshop online and in person, from both academia and industry.