Dec' 2022

Department of EEE organizes a one-day workshop on ‘Beginner Boot Camp on PSpice Software’

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at SiliconTech organized a one-day workshop on ‘Beginner Boot Camp on PSpice Software’ on 31 December 2022.

The objective of this workshop was to provide the participants a basic knowledge on simulation of electrical and electronic circuits using OrCAD Capture CIS PSpice simulation tools and make them understand circuit performance using PSpice advanced analysis.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ramaprasad Panda, Professor (EEE). Dr. Panda started the workshop by introducing PSpice and OrCAD. He described the installation procedure of the PSpice simulation tool and explained the procedure for specifying circuit topology and its analysis.

The participants studied DC circuit analysis through the simulation tool. They also learnt about the bias point calculation, DC sweep analysis and AC sweep with the help of different circuit examples. They also studied the transient analysis of different circuits.

Salonee Pattnaik (CST, 2024) was the student coordinator of this workshop. A total of fifteen students participated in the workshop to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the subject.