Dec' 2022

Department of EEE organizes a two-day hands-on training program on ‘Electric Vehicle Powertrain’

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at SiliconTech organized a two-days hands-on training program on ‘Electric Vehicle Powertrain’ from 28 – 29 December 2022. The objective of this program was to impart industrial skills and knowledge so that the participants may apply these concepts for Electric Vehicle (EV) designing and development.

The inaugural session began with the welcome address delivered by our Director, Dr. Saroj Kanta Misra. Thereafter, a brief introduction about the objective of the event was presented by our Principal, Dr. Jaideep Talukdar. Dr. Rama Prasad Panda, Professor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, spoke on the importance of research and engineering of EV in the recent years across the globe. Dr. Rabi Narayan Mishra, Head of the EEE department, and Convener of the program highlighted the objectives and expected outcomes of the hands-on training program.

The training program was conducted by Mr. Abinash Das and Mr. Sanjay Baral, both of whom are EV Trainers with Skyy Rider Institutes for Advanced Skill & Research.

Mr. Abinash Das highlighted the present status of the automotive sector and transportation industry in India. In the hands-on training session, he taught about the important elements of EV and their specifications available in the market. The participants worked in groups to identify and understand the mechanisms of BLDC (Brushless DC) motor, controller, battery, wiring harness, key and accelerator.

On the second day of the training program, Mr. Sanjay Baral explained the connections of the EV parts with block diagrams. The participants were divided into groups and were asked to connect all the parts of the EV for conducting the experiment. After completing the required connections, the participants switched on the EV circuit and experienced the speed of the motor.

Mr. Siddhant Patnaik, Manager, Business Development joined the concluding ceremony and distributed the certificates of participation.
A total of fifty students attended the training program and gained knowledge about electric vehicles (EVs).