Nov' 2023

Department of EEE organizes an AICTE sponsored FDP on ‘AI in E-Automobile Technology and its Integration with Sustainable Energy’

The Department of EEE in collaboration with AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Cell, New Delhi organized a Faculty Development Program (FDP) on ‘Artificial Intelligence in E-Automobile Technology and its Integration with Sustainable Energy’ from 6 – 11 November 2023.

The objective of the FDP was to make the participants aware of the concepts of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. The FDP also emphasized on how renewable energy can be sustainably used for E-mobility while addressing challenges and advancements in grid integration and electric vehicle usage.

The FDP was inaugurated on 6 November 2023. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Dr. Saroj Kanta Misra, our Director, Dr. Jaideep Talukdar, our Principal, and Dr. Jayashree Das, Dean Research.

The event comprised of ten technical sessions, offering a comprehensive exploration of Electric Vehicle (EV) and renewable energy technologies. Renowned experts from both academia and industry, including Dr. Arnab Ghosh, Assistant Professor, NIT Rourkela, Dr. M Chakkarapani, Assistant Professor, Assam Energy Institute, Sivasagar, Assam, Dr. Nishant Kumar, Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur, Mr. Md Rahmat Ali CEO & Founder Illicium Motors, Kolkata, Mr. Santosh Ku. Nayak, Data Analyst, Logiczap NextGen Technologies, Kolkata, Dr. Ritesh Kumar Keshri, Associate Professor, VNIT Nagpur, Dr. Chandrasekhar Perumalla, Associate Professor, IIT Bhubaneswar, Mr. Amandeep Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Vabro EVtech, Bhubaneswar, Dr. Ranjan Ku. Behera Associate Professor, IIT Patna, and Dr. Ramaprasad Panda, Professor, SiliconTech shared valuable insights on the latest developments in EV and renewable energy.

These sessions aimed to bridge the gap between theory and practical applications, fostering a deeper understanding of the sustainable future powered by innovation.

The participants of the FDP went on an industry visit to LITHORS at Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar on 9 November 2023. LITHORS specializes in battery assembly for Electric Vehicles (EVs). During the visit, participants gained hands-on experience in the practical aspects of cell assembly, verification of cell voltage, and current density maintenance.

On 11 November 2023, Mr. Sameer Jindal, Director of MG Motor, joined the FDP virtually to share valuable insights into the maintenance and services of EVs. MG Motor’s ZSEV and Comet were showcased on campus to provide a firsthand look at cutting-edge technology. To further enhance the experience, participants were offered test drive opportunities, allowing them to explore the features and performance of MG Motor’s EVs.

A total of fifty faculty members, postgraduate students, and research scholars attended the FDP to enrich their knowledge and gain expertise in this cutting-edge technology.