Nov' 2020

Development of a TiO2 based Solar Photo-Catalytic Process for Wastewater Treatment

Researchers at SiliconTech’s Advanced Materials Lab are studying the photo-catalytic action of TiO2 on wastewater, when exposed to solar energy.

TiO2 is effective in degrading individual large organic molecules in water (viz., Trichloroethylene in the presence of sunlight); which can be used for wastewater treatment.

We have successfully obtained strong attachment of TiO2 nano-layer on the surface of inert Silica spheres, so that TiO2 can withstand a flowing water environment.

The experimental approaches are:

  • Promising degradation of dyes and heavy organics in the presence of TiO2 nano-layer coated ceramic catalyst, exposed to solar energy has already been demonstrated.
  • Photo-catalytic treatment of wastewater, in the batch mode, is under investigation.