Sep' 2019

FBG Sensor for real-time monitoring of strain and temperature

Researchers at SiliconTech’s Optical Sensors research group are developing a new FBG temperature sensor probe which can measure a temperature nearly 1000°C.

Over the last few years, optical fiber sensors have seen an increased acceptance as well as a widespread use for structural sensing and monitoring applications in civil engineering, aerospace, marine, oil & gas, composites and smart structures.

Optical fiber sensor operation and instrumentation have become well understood and developed. However, one of the areas in need of further development and commercial maturity is that of sensor packaging and installation technique.

Hence, there is a need to develop appropriate protective coatings and housings for fiber sensors; investigate the fundamental transfer of strains, stresses, pressure and temperature from the host specimen or matrix to the sensing fiber and the associated materials inter-play; as well as the development of field installation processes and deployment techniques suitable for the various application areas and expected environmental conditions.

This is particularly attractive for harsh environment areas where conventional foil strain gauges cannot operate.