Jul' 2021
Student Achievements

JCoders win prizes at the International Level Hackathon ‘Hack the Mountains 2.0’

The JCoders team of Sumeet Naik, Sunil Panda, Ayush Mohanty from the 2023 batch of B.Tech. CSE programand Nishikanta Ray from 2023 batch of B.Tech. ECE program received the Affinidi prize at the international level hackathon ‘Hack the Mountains 2.0’, a 36 hour virtual hackathon organized by the tech community from Jammu and Kashmir, ‘SUDAN’S Tech’.

The JCoders team came up with the idea of using verifiable credentials to control the black market of medicines. They built a portal where people could verify the authenticity of a drug, thereby eliminating the black market where unauthorized or expired drugs are sold to unsuspecting buyers.

The team received a prize money of 10,000 INR worth ETH. ETH is the currency of Ethereum, a technology that’s home to digital money, global payments, and applications.