May' 2019

knowSelf: An IoT enabled wearable interactive hand band for real-time health information

The Wireless Sensor Networks research group at SiliconTech is developing an interactive, wearable hand band that will track and provide users with information on critical health parameters.

Many times people are ignorant about their health status due to the asymptomatic behavior of the inner organs. The symptoms of body parts are detected when an organ exceeds its tolerance threshold.

Minor symptoms like headache, abdomen pain, nausea, mild fever become harmful due to negligence. We hear several cases of health accidents in the news, especially of sportspersons, physical workers, and strained officials. The chances of avoiding such accidents are higher when imbalance factors are monitored and analyzed periodically using IoT-enabled devices.

To address this, we are working towards the design and development of an IoT-enabled wearable hand band. The band is integrated with few desired sensors to read body temperature, pulse rate, and other parameters relevant for cardiac functions.

The device will read the desired body parameters periodically. It is a speech technology-based device that would inform the concerned person about their health status.

By doing so, as and when the parameter reaches a certain threshold, it provides the information through different alarms. It refrains the person from continuing the current activity. It would prevent untoward health incidents to the person wearing the band.

We are developing a low-cost gadget suitable for use by any individual. The significance of this gadget is that the person wearing it can interact with it. It would be a cheap wearable gadget for self-observation and prevention.