Dec' 2023

Meta Academics Cell organizes ‘Open Mic 2023’, an annual literary event

The Meta Academics Cell at SiliconTech organized ‘Open Mic 2023’, an annual literary event on 18 December 2023.

Open Mic serves as a platform for budding writers, performers, comedians, and storytellers to showcase their talents. It focuses on writing and speaking, celebrating words and emotions.

Open Mic 2023 featured an eclectic mix of performances, reflecting the talent of our college’s literary community. The event consisted of three sections namely Poetry, Tell a Tale, and Stand-up Comedy. Additionally, there were several filler performances ranging from acoustic to singing, which acted as a melodic change of pace.

A total of seventeen students participated in different categories to demonstrate their literary prowess. Participants were judged based on their content and presentation. The best performances were selected based on the judge’s marking and audience voting.

In the judge’s category, Girish Bharadwaj (CST, 2025) emerged as the winner and Subhojeet Biswas (ECE, 2026) was the runner-up. In the audience’s choice category, Sunil Kumar Swain (MCA) was the winner and Swati Sonalika Panda (ECE, 2026) was the runner-up.