Mar' 2021

Monorama Swain awarded by IEI for her research on automatic speech emotion recognition in Odia dialects

The Institution of Engineers (India) presented the ‘Institution Award’ to Monorama Swain, Senior Assistant Professor from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SiliconTech.

Ms. Swain won the award for her technical paper titled ‘Automatic Classification of Discrete Emotions in Various Dialects of Odia Speech’. Recognizing emotional content in speech is an indispensable requirement for efficient human-machine interaction.

Her research created a database in Odia language for emotion analysis. An ongoing research project at SiliconTech aims at developing android apps for automatic emotion analysis from the voice data.

The paper has been selected for publication in IEI’s 62nd Annual Technical Report.

The felicitation ceremony happened at the Odisha State Centre, The Institution of Engineers (India), Bhubaneswar on 28 March 2021.