Mar' 2023

Mr. Abhijit Pati, CEO, BALCO felicitates SiliconTech students for their outstanding performance in the Practice School program

SiliconTech collaborated with Bharat Aluminum Company Limited (BALCO), Chhattisgarh to solve their industrial problems by engaging our talents who worked closely with BALCO industry experts.

As part of this consultation initiative with SiliconTech, the BALCO team identified four industrial projects associated with a Smelter unit, Potline, Rodding, CHP, and CPP.  These projects were headed by Dr. Jaideep Taludkar, Principal Consultant along with our faculty mentors, Dr. Ambarish G Mohapatra, Associate Professor, EIE and Dr. Sudhansu Mohan Biswal, Associate Professor, ECE.

Our student teams comprising of eight students from the departments of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), and Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) worked on the identified problem areas of BALCO under the guidance of faculty mentors, technical heads, and the administrative team.

Mr. Abhijit Pati, CEO, BALCO, reviewed all the projects and felicitated the eight selected students for their outstanding performance in presence of the crew members of the BALCO Research & Innovation team and faculty mentors of SiliconTech.

The Industry Interface Cell (II Cell) at SiliconTech coordinated this program.