Sep' 2020

Phoenix Robotix collaborates with SiliconTech to develop IoT solutions for new technologies and marketable products

SiliconTech, Bhubaneswar, signed an MoU with Phoenix Robotix, an Odisha-based IoT start-up, on 26 September 2020.

SiliconTech and Phoenix Robotix will conduct collaborative research for developing hardware and software solutions in the IoT domain. They will assist each other in developing new technologies and marketable products in IoT and Industry 4.0.

The collaboration will also provide a learning platform for Siliconites to formulate and execute innovative projects built upon the proprietary product ranges of Phoenix Robotix in various application domains.

The startup, recently rebranded as DATOMS, had raised early-stage funding with the support of Silicon’s Business Incubator (BI). The BI helped raise seed funding of ₹.37 lakhs in 2017 and Pre-Series A venture funding of ₹.5.2 crores in 2020.

The founder Amiya Kumar Samantaray says Phoenix Robotix benefited from the incubator support, “The Incubator understands the challenges of startups and provides essential support with mentorship from industry professionals, seed funding, and customer connect opportunities for early-stage product validation.”