Feb' 2020

Power system studies for mega lift irrigation projects of Government of Odisha

Researchers at SiliconTech’s Power Electronics and Systems group are conducting power system studies for mega lift irrigation projects of the Government of Odisha.

The Department of Water Resources is implementing a Mega Lift Irrigation project, Cluster IV, which consists of 9 irrigation schemes with intake points on rivers Mahanadi in the districts of Sambalpur and Subarnapur.

All are HV schemes operating at voltage level of 6.6 kV. Service area of each MSDSS is identified by pooling a set of nearby schemes based on the techno-economic considerations. These primary substations shall be fed through a 33 kV dedicated feeder from the existing 132/33 kV grid substation at Sonepur.

To ensure continuous and reliable operation of the proposed pump houses, a system study is done as follows:

  • System study analysis through load flow analysis for the proposed schemes with the identified power sources.
  • To determine the fault level at various buses short circuit (both 3-phase and 1-phase) is to be carried out with a given fault level at the source grid substation.
  • Motor acceleration study while starting the highest rated motor when other loads are in service.

While performing the above studies, it is envisaged that the voltage level at 33 kV buses should “not drop below 7 % from the voltage available at source S/S (33kV bus in Grid S/S)”