Dec' 2020

Record internship offers to Silicon students in 2021

SiliconTech eighth semester students received 160 internship offers from 21 companies this year. Out of these, 12 companies are new recruiters on campus including Cognizant, Larkai, Nisthula Instruments, and AI CoE.

Several recruiters including Aptus Datalab, Cozentus, Infosys, Marquee Semiconductors, Mindfire, Rewoke, Sevya Multimedia, and Spikewell returned to SiliconTech to make offers again this year.

The 160 internship offers is the highest in the past three years. Companies operating in the domains of IT Services, Healthcare, Data Science, VLSI, Transportation & Logistics took students. The highest internship offer is ₹.25,000 per month.

Students from all the four B.Tech programs at SiliconTech – Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Electrical Electronic Engineering and Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering – received offers.