Apr' 2024

Silicon University celebrates IEEE PES Day

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, collaborated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Students Chapter, the IEEE Bhubaneswar Subsection, and the Power & Energy Society (PES) Chapter, Bhubaneswar to celebrate the IEE PES day on 24 April 2024.

IEEE Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES) is the oldest society within IEEE, dedicated to scientific and engineering knowledge about electric power and energy. The PES Day aims to involve PES volunteers in understanding PES history and the key elements of the ‘More Power to the Future’ vision, which includes enhancing global participation, educating future workers, and promoting industry trends. This year’s PES Day celebration theme was ‘Empowering Electric Mobility Innovation’.

The event included a technical talk on ‘Transformation of Last-Mile Mobility in India’ by Ms. Rupa Patanaik Pradhan, Circle Revenue Manager, Tata Power Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL).

The speaker spoke on using new delivery methods and technology to improve logistics in India. After years of testing, the electric revolution gained momentum in 2023, with electric vehicles (EVs) making up over 20% of the last-mile delivery market. This highlights the growing consumer interest in eco-friendly methods, predicting a surge in sustainable last-mile delivery options in 2024. Businesses will increasingly use electric cars, bicycle couriers, and other alternative transportation to reduce carbon impact. The speaker also noted that machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance efficiency in the e-mobility process.

The PES Day celebration also comprised of a poster-making competition on the topic ‘Transformation of Last-Mile Mobility in India’. A total of twelve students participated in the competition. The winner was Jivan Jyoti Pal (EEE, 2026). The first and the second runners-up were Pratikshya Priyadarshini (EEE, 2026) and Abhijit Maity (CEN, 2026) respectively. Furthermore, Jagannath Patra (CSE, 2026) received a consolation prize.