May' 2024

Silicon University organizes a series of events under the ‘Innovation Challenge’

The Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) at SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, organized a series of events under the umbrella of ‘Innovation Challenge’ from 10 to 12 May 2024.

The first event was ‘Yukti Innovation Challenge: Tackling Societal Issues’. YUKTI – National Innovation Repository (NIR) is an initiative of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India and it is implemented by MoE’s Innovation Cell and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to build a system of repository of ideas, innovations, and startups developed in academic institutions.

The Yukti Innovation Challenge at Silicon provided a robust platform for the brightest minds to present solutions to real-world issues. A total of forty students participated in the challenge. They showcased a diverse range of creative concepts, demonstrating their dedication to addressing societal challenges. The atmosphere buzzed with innovation as students from different backgrounds tackled pressing issues. The competition was intense, with teams competing for access to the prestigious Yukti Portal and opportunities for cash prizes and incubation. Expert feedback enhanced the learning experience, fostering innovation within the student community.

The second event was ‘Hardware and Software Collide: (Prototype Exhibition)’. This competition aimed at showcasing the thought process that transforms inspiration from new technologies into actionable ideas. The exhibition featured ninety participants in the hardware domain, presenting cutting-edge physical creations that pushed the boundaries of what is achievable. From innovative gadgets to groundbreaking prototypes, these hardware creations showcased the technical prowess and problem-solving abilities of the participants. Alongside these hardware displays, fifty five participants presented their pioneering software solutions. These programs addressed diverse challenges and illustrated the significant potential of software development across various fields. Industry experts and educators offered valuable feedback, nurturing a collaborative environment aimed at advancing these projects.

The last event in the Innovation Challenge was ‘Build-A-Thon’.  Build-A-Thon is a learning ecosystem comprising of different offerings aimed at enhancing the skills of engineering students. It includes technology labs, do-it-yourself (DIY) boxes, and workshops. These activities aim to develop human capital by equipping participants with in-demand technologies. The Build-A-Thon proved highly successful, showcasing the ingenuity and determination of around 170 participants. It provided an exceptional platform for aspiring innovators to demonstrate their talents, acquire essential entrepreneurial skills, and engage in dynamic and competitive challenges.

The ‘Innovation Challenge’ facilitated invaluable networking opportunities among peers, industry leaders, and potential mentors. The ED Cell plans to organize future events to sustain the momentum of empowering aspiring innovators and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.