May' 2024

Silicon University organizes a workshop on ‘Drones’

The Silicon Innovation and Promotion Cell (SIPC) and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) at SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, collaborated with UDR Technology, Bhubaneswar, to organize a workshop on ‘Drones’ from 14-28 May 2024.

The objective of the workshop was to introduce drones and their applications to participants, discuss the current global status of drones, and explore their potential in various fields, including disaster management. Led by UDR Technology, the workshop was designed for individuals with little to no prior experience, providing participants with a comprehensive introduction to the world of drones.

Over two weeks, participants acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, including assembling a drone, calibration, and safe flying techniques. The participants gained a strong foundation in drone theory, covering the science behind flight, components, and functionalities. They acquired hands-on experience assembling a drone, enabling an understanding of its mechanical construction. The workshop equipped participants with the necessary skills to calibrate a drone and remote control, ensuring safe and controlled flight. During the flight training from 23-28 May, participants learned the importance of conducting thorough pre-flight checks to ensure safety. They were introduced to basic flight manoeuvres within a controlled environment and engaged in supervised practice sessions, gaining confidence and practical flying experience in a secure setting.

A total of thirty two students participated in the workshop. Overall, the workshop provided a valuable learning experience for all participants, allowing them to explore the exciting world of drones with a solid theoretical and practical foundation.