Apr' 2024

Silicon University organizes a workshop on ‘Flutter’

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, collaborated with the Google Developer Students Club (GDSC) to organize a workshop on ‘Flutter’ on 19 April 2024. This workshop was a part of the Summer of Tech campaign, where students learn about new technology and develop valuable skills.

The workshop introduced Google’s Flutter, an open-source mobile application development kit. The primary goal was to showcase Flutter as the main tool for developing applications for Google Fuchsia. Additionally, the workshop highlighted how Flutter enables the creation of apps for both iOS and Android from a single codebase.

The workshop was conducted by industry expert Abhijeet Mohapatra, Head of Development & Lead Flutter Developer at Smartters, Bhubaneswar. Mr. Mohapatra provided a practical introduction to the Flutter framework. He further highlighted Flutter’s unique features, cross-platform efficiency, and growing industry adoption, making it a valuable skill for developers. Through hands-on instruction, participants learned the fundamentals of creating Flutter apps.

Participants gained essential knowledge to help them develop mobile apps, inspired by the engaging and informative session. A follow-up session is also planned to focus on advanced Flutter principles, building on the success of this workshop.