Apr' 2024

Silicon University organizes a workshop on ‘React’

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, collaborated with the Google Developer Students Club (GDSC) to organize a workshop on ‘React’ from 29-30 April 2024.

The objective of this workshop was to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of React principles and their real-world applications. Through hands-on sessions, participants enhanced their knowledge and proficiency in React development. The program encouraged active participation and interaction, enhancing their learning experience.

The first day of the workshop was conducted by Deepjyoti Nayak (CSE, 2025), the Public Relations and Outreach Lead of GDSC, Silicon. The session based on the ‘Basic Fundamentals of Machine Learning’, started with an overview of React, React Hooks, and environment configuration. It included discussions on the benefits of these concepts and how to configure a React development environment. Participants learned to build a basic React component and were introduced to JSX and its syntax. Deepjyoti also explained the use of useState in a React component and focused on constructing the Project UI using React, including the creation of interactive elements.

The second day of the workshop was conducted by Abhinav Singh (CSE, 2025), Web Development Lead, GDSC, Silicon. This session was based on ‘Stack for Machine Learning.’ It included an introduction to the Gemini API and a brief demo of API key generation. The session emphasized API setup in JavaScript for the Gemini prompt, explaining the useContext hook. Other topics included the integration of Gemini, using context responses, and calling functions to enable button functionality. Later, Abhinav addressed the queries of the participants and provided solutions to their problems.

The GDSC Silicon Chapter’s React workshop was a success, achieving its goal of providing participants with a thorough understanding of React concepts and practical skills. The program offered a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience through educational lectures, hands-on practice, and project work. The practical experience and valuable insights gained by the participants will support their future endeavours in React development.