Mar' 2024

Silicon University organizes Cultural Nite 2024

The Campus Life Coordination Committee (CCC) of Silicon University organized a Cultural Nite 2024 on 16 March 2024. Thisyear the event was held on the theme ‘Indian Culture’, to celebrate India’s unity in diversity.

The objective of the event was to showcase the unique Indian culture through the various art forms and instill a spirit of creativity and innovation among the students.

The cultural fest featured a dynamic array of events that celebrated the rich tapestry of Indian traditions and arts. The dance performances showcased a vibrant fusion of traditional and contemporary dances, including the spirited Lavni, the rhythmic Sambalpuri folk dance, and the lively Garba, offering a glimpse into the diverse cultural heritage of the nation.

The musical performances captivated audiences with soulful melodies and spiritedrenditions across various genres and languages, creating an enchanting atmosphere throughout the event.

The ramp show, ‘Walk of Elegance,’ added a touch of glamour, with a dazzling showcase of cultural attires from different states of India, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship and diversity of regional clothing.

Finally, the fest concluded with a musical night, where an exuberant audience joyfully danced to musical beats.