Mar' 2024

Silicon University organizes the 6th edition of the Silicon Model United Nations

SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, organized the 6th edition of the Silicon Model United Nations (SITMUN 2024) from 28-30 March 2024.

The Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to find solutions to rising global issues through research, drafting, lobbying, and debating.

The objective of SITMUN 2024 was to facilitate students in cultivating a comprehensive understanding of pressing global issues, diplomatic intricacies, international relations dynamics, and United Nations agendas. Additionally, the event aimed to enhance critical thinking skills, decision-making capabilities, negotiation ability, and public speaking skills among participants.

This year, SITMUN had three committees and one International Press. The committees were United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), United Nations General Assembly Disarmament and International Security Committee (UNGA DISEC), and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

During the UNHRC discussion on ‘Unity Beyond Belief: Eradicating Discrimination’, delegates delved beyond traditional human rights issues to explore the complex themes of discrimination, prejudice, and religious intolerance. Sweden highlighted socio-political challenges and the need for awareness about different religions, prompting debates on integration policies and social inclusion. Jamaica emphasized socio-economic factors fueling global religious conflicts, while Hungary stressed that religious equality is fundamental to societal harmony. Additionally, the Spanish delegate underscored Spain’s commitment to ensuring no religion holds a state character.

The theme of UNGA DISEC, ‘Tech, Threats, and Triumph: Securing Tomorrow’s Peace’, prompted a critical examination of cyber warfare and lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) within the framework of the Law of Armed Conflict. The discussion began with grave concerns regarding the implications of granting Artificial Intelligence (AI) the authority to make autonomous decisions in warfare scenarios. Israel’s representative emphasized their position on LAWS, highlighting the need for clear guidelines to prevent potential violations of international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions. Specifically, attention was drawn to the fears that AI-controlled weapons could act independently, raising ethical and legal dilemmas.

The SDG summit, themed ‘Equality Unleashed: Empowering Tomorrow’s World’, placed a spotlight on the critical issue of gender equality. Discussions underscored the persistent injustices faced by women and girls worldwide, impacting various facets of life, including economic empowerment and access to education.

In their capacity as objective reporters, the international press participants covered the committee meetings while capturing pictures of the entire event.

In their role as impartial journalists, the international press members meticulously covered the committee meetings, documenting the proceedings and capturing images that encapsulated the essence of the entire event.

A total of 320 delegates from senior secondary schools, colleges, and universities across the state enthusiastically participated in SITMUN 2024 to discuss varied perspectives and insights on the pressing challenges of the present time.