Feb' 2024

Silicon University organizes ZYGON 2024, the annual cultural fest

SiliconTech, the engineering institute of Silicon University, organized Zygon, the annual cultural fest on 23 and 24 February 2024.

This year, Zygon was themed on the magical world of Harry Potter, a famous fantasy series authored by J.K. Rowling. Silicon Students Council (SSC) collaborated with the student clubs to conduct different events to foster student participation. These events provided the participants with a platform for enhancing their technical proficiency, acting, communication, presence of mind, and originality.

Zygon 2024 was special as it was Silicon’s first cultural fest as a university. The celebration of Zygon also involved the celebration of Silicon’s transformative journey from an institute to a university.

A new addition to this year’s cultural fest was the ‘Odyssey Cup’. The SSC introduced the Odyssey Cup to honor the best-performing B.Tech. batch for their outstanding contribution and excellence. The students of the first, second, third, and fourth years of B.Tech. were divided into four houses-Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw- according to Rowling’s fictional world. The winners and runners-up of each event were awarded points which were later added to calculate the total scores for each year. The students of second year B.Tech. emerged as the winners of this year’s ‘Odyssey Cup’ with the highest score.

The various competitions organized in Zygon 2024 included Squid Game, Valorant, Rang-E-Hath, Finding the Chamber of Secrets, Wizard’s Bid, Quizzitch, Panchayat, 1-minute clip, Tri-Wizard Challenge, Snitch Sprint, Paper Dress, Soccer of Supreme, Who’s from Azkaban, Guess the Gibberish, and Dumb Charades.

The cultural events began in the evening. Our students, faculty members, and staff gathered in the North Lawn to witness the celebration of art and artists. The event began with addresses by our Vice Chancellor, Dr.Jaideep Talukdar, our Dean (Instruction) Dr.Debabrata Kar, and our Dean (Student Affairs), Dr.Ramaprasad Panda.

There were melodious musical presentations and beautiful dance performances. Our music band, Samarpan, and dance group DDX: Demon’s Dance Extremo staged various cultural performances that enthralled the audience. Students of different branches performed their respective group dances and walked the ramp with poise and elegance.

Three theatrical performances were presented by the Theatre Wing of the Cultural Society of Silicon (CSS).Two plays, Marg, in Hindi and Patent Medicine in Odia were performed in the auditorium. A musical drama titled Randi Pua Ananta was presented in Odia on the North Lawn stage.

The event concluded with the felicitation of the Student Council members. Students from all the batches and all the branches of Silicon participated enthusiastically in the cultural fest.