Nov' 2022

Silicon West inducts the B.Tech. 2022 Admission Batch

Silicon Institute of Technology, Sambalpur (Silicon West) conducted an orientation-cum-induction program for the B.Tech. 2022 admission batch from 1 – 12 November 2022. The objective of this program was to orient the students to values and belief system of the institute and make them aware about the career path chosen by them.

The induction programme was conducted from 1 – 9 November 2022. The newly admitted students were given a tour of the campus and were taken on a visit to the Hirakud dam, one of the engineering marvels in India. The program included two expert talks. Dr. Prakash Chandra Swain, Professor in Civil Engineering from VSSUT (Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology), Burla spoke on a value-based life and career while Dr. Prasanna Kumar Mishra, Former Professor in Physics, Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur delivered a talk on ‘Technolution’ where he shared his insights on the evolution of technology over the years. The induction program also included a Yoga session by the Brahmakumaris.

The faculty members of Silicon West conducted several sessions to encourage and motivate the students. Dr. Tyagraj Thakur took a session on ‘English: The Lingua Franca’, Ms. Sararika Pradhan and the members of the Robotics Club presented on ‘Robotics Technology: Redefining the Future’, Dr. Sohan Kumar Pande along with the student members of Codigo Plataforma, the coding club shared the new areas of programming and Ms. Ankita Panda took a session on ‘Financial Awareness’. A few alumni participated in the induction program virtually as well. Ms. S. K. Rajeshwari (ME, 2016) oriented the newcomers to the diverse career paths available to them. Mr. Rishikesh Kumar Suman (EE, 2016) discussed about bringing a holistic approach to one’s career and life. The students were offered bridge courses in various subjects during the last four days of the induction. A debate competition and a quiz competition was also held during this period.

 The 14th Orientation Program was held on 10 November 2022 following the induction program. Prof. Mihir Hota, Dean delivered the welcome address and reflected on the importance of discipline and diligence in a student’s life. Mr. Manoj Kumar Mahapatra shared the academic rules and regulations while Mr. Nabin Kumar Naik spoke on Silicon Residence. Dr. Tyagraj Thakur reflected on the process and requirements of Training and Placement. He also introduced the Faculty Advisory system and its role in the students’ life. Mr. Satyabrat Sahoo provided a virtual tour of the ERP system.

 On 12 November 2022, the B.Tech. 2021 batch organized a welcome ceremony for the B.Tech. 2022 batch under the supervision of Mr. Ashish Singh Saluja, Faculty-in-Charge, Student Council. This program, conducted in line with the AICTE guidelines, witnessed the active participation of students.