May' 2022

SiliconTech Alumni Association organizes a seminar by alumnus Imtiaz Zafar from the B.Tech. EIE batch of 2011

SiliconTech’s Alumni Association organized a virtual talk by Imtiaz Zafar, our alumnus from the B.Tech. EIE (former Applied Electronics and Instrumentation) batch of 2011, on 15 May 2022.

Currently, Imtiaz works for Deloitte in London as a Senior Consultant in the Industry Solutions group. His expertise is in project management, program management, stakeholders management, and solution design. Before joining Deloitte, he worked for Infosys, PwC, and Gartner and owned a company for a short time. He also holds a degree in Master of Business Administration.

Imtiaz shared his journey as an engineer in his talk.  He began his career with Infosys in 2011 as a Systems Engineer. As a Project Manager with PwC and Gartner, he has delivered high quality products.

In his message to the juniors, he quoted the famous saying, ‘tough times don’t last long, only tough people do’ and urged them not to be afraid of making mistakes and failing because without failure, they will not understand the virtue of courage nor the path of success.