Aug' 2022

SiliconTech celebrates World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2022

SiliconTech’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) and Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) organized a webinar led by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pattnaik, CEO, Sparkspot on 21 August 2022, to celebrate World Entrepreneurs’ Day.

The topic for this session was “Entrepreneurship Everywhere”. Dr. Mahendra P. Agasty, FIC, ED Cell delivered the welcome address.

Mr. Pattnaik started by saying that the thought of building an enterprise starts with a dream, firms up as an idea and takes shape as a start-up that solves the problems of the society. He spoke vividly on Induced and Ignited Entrepreneurship and prescribed 33.3% rule for young entrepreneurs before they embark on the journey of boundless entrepreneurial opportunities.

Mr. Pattnaik touched upon his experience as an entrepreneur. He shared his learnings from Mr. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta who is his inspiration and role model.

He concluded by saying that entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride which is full of excitement and learning.

The World Entrepreneurs’ Day is celebrated to recognize and appreciate the achievements and efforts of entrepreneurs all around the world.