Aug' 2023

SiliconTech celebrates World Entrepreneurs’ Day

SiliconTech’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) and Institution Innovation Council (IIC) organized an expert talk by Mr. Suresh Nayak, Chairman, Silicon TechLab to celebrate World Entrepreneurs’ Day on 21 August 2023. The objective of this event was to educate, inspire, and empower the audience by sharing practical advice, real-world experiences, and strategies for navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with entrepreneurship.

The World Entrepreneur’s Day is celebrated to recognize and appreciate entrepreneurs all around the world. It marks the achievements and efforts of entrepreneurs who give blood and sweat to their businesses. Several events are organized on this day to foster the development of entrepreneurial skills and enhance the ability to convert problems into opportunities.

The event started with the welcome address delivered by Dr. Mahendra P. Agasty, Faculty-in-Charge, ED Cell. Thereafter, Mr. Suresh Nayak delivered an expert talk in which he shared his journey of being an entrepreneur. He also spoke about the various job roles he had worked in before switching to entrepreneurship. The speaker then addressed the gathering describing how one’s skills are their greatest asset. He also discussed how multinational companies recruit employees on the basis of their knowledge, skills, and confidence. Mr. Nayak emphasized the importance of focus in life that would eventually lead to success. In the end, he advised the students to invest wisely to ensure a balanced growth in business. He also advised the students to create networks which is an essential trait of a successful entrepreneur.

A total of fifty students attended the expert talk. The event was greatly appreciated by the students where they had a great learning experience and became aware of the techniques and skills involved in entrepreneurship.