Apr' 2023

SiliconTech features in leading national and regional dailies for collaborating with Kristellar Aerospace Pvt. Ltd to launch a nanosatellite for Odisha to track cyclone trend, mangroves

Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (SiliconTech) has been featured in leading national and regional dailies viz., The Indian Express, Sambad English, Samaj and Sambad for its collaboration with Bengaluru-based Kristellar Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. to launch its first nanosatellite or CubeSat by December 2023.

The nanosatellite will be designed to track cyclone trends and mangroves in Odisha. It will be of immense help to the state government in tracking cyclone phenomena, studying mangrove ecosystems, monitoring vessel movement, and ensuring marine security.

An aerospace lab named ORION will be set up on SiliconTech premises. A panel of experts has been constituted from space science and other sectors to develop the satellite. SiliconTech students will also work on this project.

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  3. The Samaja (15 April 2023)
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The welcoming collaboration is highly appreciated by academicians, researchers, scientists, industrialists, and the general populous.