Apr' 2022

SiliconTech hosts NOESIS 2022, its annual technical fest

SiliconTech conducted Noesis, its annual technical fest on 24 April 2022.

The motto of Noesis is to promote technology, scientific thinking, and innovations. The young minds get a platform to showcase their technical skills.

The fest comprised of many events like Robo Soccer, Valorant, BGMI, GenBiz, Tronics, Cine Carnival, Open Sword, Treasure Hunt, Hour of Code, CSS Battle, Mr. and Miss Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy (Roadies), Bell the Cat, Get the Gate, Poetry Writing and Recitation, Iclique and Nukkad. A huge model of Ironman, displayed in the garden next to the Sky Lab, garnered the attention of all.

The winners of different events will be awarded certificates and prizes in Zygon 2022, the annual cultural fest of the institute.