Dec' 2022

SiliconTech in collaboration with Bhubaneswar Smart City Corporation Ltd. organizes an invited talk on ‘Waste to Wealth’

SiliconTech collaborated with Bhubaneswar Smart City Corporation Ltd. to organize an invited talk on ‘Waste to Wealth’ by Dr. Jaya Krushna Panigrahi, former Principal, Maharishi College of Natural Law (MCNL), Bhubaneswar and HoD of Zoology and Environmental Science, Sri Jayadev College of Education & Technology (SJCET) on 31 December 2022.

The objective of this talk was to create awareness about proper disposal of waste and recycling waste for generating wealth and preserving the environment.

In his talk, Dr. Jaya Krushna spoke on the need for preserving the natural resources and the ecosystem. He discussed various methods for converting waste into valuable resources and explained how the waste can be recycled into a source of income. He shed light on the rapid evolution of human beings and shared how the industrial evolution has wreaked havoc on the present generation and the future. There were also other causes discussed in the talk, such as population growth and urbanization, which are causing our ecosystem resources to deplete.

Dr. Jaya Krushna discussed the theory of 5 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse and Rethink) adopted to minimize the generation of waste. The speaker discussed the several steps taken by the municipal corporation to manage waste properly and compared the methods used by governments around the world.

The talk was followed by an interactive Q & A session. Around 100 students and faculty members attended the invited talk.