May' 2023

SiliconTech in collaboration with PHYTEC Embedded Pvt. Ltd. organizes a one-day workshop on ‘Future Trends in Embedded Electronics and Industrial Internet of Things’

The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) at SiliconTech collaborated with PHYTEC Embedded Pvt. Ltd. to organize a one-day workshop on ‘Future Trends in Embedded Electronics and Industrial Internet of Things’ (FTEEIIoT-2023) in the hybrid mode on 27 May 2023.

PHYTEC is an industry-leading provider and integrator of System on Modules (SOMs) that enable customers to bring complex products quickly and easily to market. They provide end-to-end solutions for all stages of embedded system product development, from initial concept and specification to design and development, to prototype, launch, and full production.

The objective of this workshop was to provide insights into embedded systems and IIoT along with their components, applications, and significance in the industrial sector.

The workshop began with the welcome address delivered by Dr. Saroj Kanta Misra, our Director. Dr. Jaideep Talukdar, our Principal, then addressed the audience and emphasized the significance of this domain. The event comprised of several expert talks delivered by the members of PHYTEC Embedded Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Arun Singh, Director, Business Strategies, delivered a talk on ‘PHYTEC Embedded and IoT: System on Modules and Industrial Applications’. Mr. B. Vallab Rao, Managing Director, spoke on ‘Future Trends in Embedded Systems and IoT’, Mr. P. Gopalakrishna, Competency Head and Software Engineer, delivered a talk on ‘Embedded Systems: Opensource internals to Embedded OS-based Rugged BOARD and Data Logging’. He also taught a hands-on session on ‘Practical Demonstration of Linux OS, GPIO, I2C, MQTT, etc.’.

The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Sudhansu Mohan Biswal, Associate Professor, ECE. A total of thirty undergraduate students from different UGC-approved institutions joined the workshop.