Mar' 2021

SiliconTech launches the Practice School program

SiliconTech’s Industry Interface Cell launched the Practice School (PS) program for final year students on 20 March 2021. It is the first institute in Eastern India and one of the few institutes in the country to have launched this program.

Mr. Devesh Sinha, Founder & CEO of Cozentus Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Mr. Amiya Samantaray, Founder & CEO of DATOMS (Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd), Mr. Mohar Manohar Mishra, CEO & Co-founder at AcesoCloud Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Surendra Kumar Rout, Chief Operating Officer at Power Research Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Atul Bhargava, Principal Engineer, STMicroelectronics, and Mr. Srikant Modugula, Co-founder & CEO of Sevya Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., from various industry domains, addressed the students on the importance of
Practice School at the launch event.

The Practice School (PS) course is an optional, continuous, and rigorous internship activity for a complete one semester that allows the students to get exposed to the work culture of the industry or research organizations.