Apr' 2022

SiliconTech Music Club organizes Aama Odisha

The SiliconTech Music Club organized an event named ‘Aama Odisha’, commemorating Utkal Diwas, on 2nd April 2022, to celebrate the cultural richness of the State under the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat (EBSB) program, an MHRD initiative of the Government of India.

The ‘Aama Odisha’ event featured renditions of Odissi dances, Sambalpuri dances, Odia songs and a band performance. The event began with the Director’s address followed by the playing of the State Anthem. It was hosted in Odia to pay homage to the Odia language. The Director’s address was partly in Odia which he chose to explain in English for the non-Odia speakers to understand.

The phenomenal performances of the students, presenting glimpses of AAMA ODISHA, gave the audience a taste of Odisha’s cultural diversity.