Jan' 2023

SiliconTech organizes a Short Term Training Programme on ‘Accreditation Process and NBA’

SiliconTech’s Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) collaborated with the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR), Kolkata to organize a Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on ‘Accreditation Process and NBA’ from 17 to 21 January 2023. The five day training program was conducted by Dr. Urmila Kar, Professor, Education and Management, NITTTR, Kolkata.

The objective of the training program was to create awareness regarding quality enhancement in Higher Education Systems and educate the participants about the process of NBA accreditation and its importance.

The inaugural session was held on 17 January. Dr. Jaideep Talukdar, our Principal, delivered the welcome address and Dr. Saroj Kanta Misra, our Director, addressed the participants where he emphasized the significance of attending the program. The chief guest of this program was Prof. Debi Prasad Mishra, Director, NITTTR, Kolkata who addressed the audience in the virtual mode.

The resource person, Dr. Urmila Kar, then discussed the curriculum and shared the list of topics that would be discussed in each session.

The ten criterions in the NBA accreditation process were discussed in details during these five days. Dr. Kar explained these criterions separately for both the diploma and degree colleges that are offering technical education. Each day comprised of two sessions conducted by Dr. Kar. After the completion of both the sessions, a task was given to assess the learning outcomes. A post-training activity was also conducted on the last day of training to ensure the effectiveness of the program.

The STTP formally concluded with the valedictory function held in the presence of Dr. Saroj Kanta Misra, Dr. Jaideep Talukdar and Dr. Siba Sankar Nayak, Co-ordinator, IQAC. The program was co-ordinated by Dr. Annapurna Mishra, Associate Professor, ECE and Dr. Nivedita Pati, Assistant Professor, EEE. The concluding remarks were delivered by Mr. Utkal Ranjan Das, Consultant, NITTTR Extension Centre, Bhubaneswar.

A total of 56 participants from colleges offering both diploma and degree courses in engineering joined the training program and actively participated in the discussions and assignments.