Jan' 2023

SiliconTech organizes an invited talk on ‘Intergenerational Solidarity’

SiliconTech collaborated with Smart City Limited, Bhubaneswar to organize an invited talk on ‘Intergenerational Solidarity’ by Dr. Pratap Kumar Rath, former Professor, Centre of Advanced Study in Psychology, Utkal University on 6 January 2023.

The event was conducted to create awareness about bridging the generation gap and discussing ways to establish solidarity.

Dr. Rath introduced solidarity as the glue which holds the society together. He said solidarity does not only form strong bonds between the youth and adults, but also creates an environment of happiness as different generations come together to support each other. He stressed on the different aspects of solidarity across the three generations.

The talk also included discussion on the changing patterns of parenting across the generations. It provided the audience an insight into evolution of the idea of becoming a good person with time.

Dr. Rath is an activist and expert in the field of child rights, juvenile justice, human resource development and development of scientific temper. He has been tirelessly working for providing the present youth and the next generation a safe place where they are heard and understood. The talk emphasized the idea of dignity with reference to India’s constitution which mentions the right to dignity and life as fundamental rights of every citizen.

The talk was followed by an interactive session. Around 90 students and faculty members participated in the event. Dr. Saroj Kanta Mishra, our Director, felicitated the speaker and expressed his gratitude.