May' 2023

SiliconTech organizes ‘Cosmic Quest’, a cosmic-themed quiz competition

Silicon Quiz Club organized a cosmic-themed quiz competition titled ‘Cosmic Quest’ for all the students of the institute on 4 May 2023.

The objective of this event was to create awareness among the students about key astronomical concepts like the composition of the universe and the concepts of space and time through fun learning to enrich their understanding of our ever-expanding universe.

The quiz was conducted in two rounds- Prelims and Finals. Six best teams from a total of thirty teams qualified for the final rounds. The three teams with the highest scores were awarded prizes.

Team Titan, consisting of Swastik Nayak and Priyanshu Mallick from the CSE 2025 graduating batch, won the competition. Siddhant Sahoo (ECE, 2023) and Tanmaya Rout (ECE, 2025) from team ‘Hail SQC’ became the first runner-up. The second runner-up team was ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ with Swaraj Mohapatra (CST) and Biswanath Pattnaik (CEN) from the 2026 graduating batch.