Dec' 2022

SiliconTech organizes the second edition of TEDxSITB

The Industry Interface Cell at SiliconTech organized the second edition of TEDxSITB on 11 December 2022. The objective of hosting TEDx in the campus is to envisage the essence of the TED community that believes in ‘ideas worth spreading.’ The theme for this year’s event was ‘Under the Spotlight.’

The event featured five amazing speakers who were all experts in their respective fields.

Dr. Nivedita Das, Consultant Psychologist and President of WICCI”s (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry) Odisha Mental Health Council was the first speaker of the day. She spoke about the significant shift in the focus of mental health research and practice with the advent of the science of happiness, or positive psychology.

The second speaker of the day, Lalit Das (IPS), Director, Government Printing, Stationery & Publication, Government of Odisha, talked about the people’s apprehension towards the police, even when they are innocent. He also spoke about the challenges which the police force had to face during the Odisha super cyclone of 1999 and also while dealing with Maoism and Naxalite attacks.

The third speaker of the day was Abinas Nayak, Master Chef Season 6 winner. Abinas described how his passion for cooking led him to pursue a career in the culinary field, and how his perseverance and dedication resulted in his win. He ardently described how he changed his perspective to see how food is prepared, not just cooking but the whole process of acquiring raw materials and using them.

Juuhi Rai, Rex Karmveer Award Winning Trainer, Master EFT Therapist, Life Story Coach and Author was the fourth speaker who started the post lunch session by motivating the audience to step beyond their limitations to discover the best versions of themselves. She also stressed that men and women should mutually respect each other and contribute towards the progress of the society.

As the fifth and final speaker, Aditi Chauhan, the goalkeeper of the Indian Women’s National Football team, spoke about how her career in football evolved from switching from basketball to football at the age of 15, to representing the India U-19, and then the Senior Women’s team. A leader on and off the field, her experience and influence has made her a role model of not just women’s football, but women’s sport in general.  For every failure she endured, she always had the spirit to come back stronger and that led her to become the first Indian woman to become the football expert in one of the pre shows of FIFA World Cup.

The brilliant speakers enthralled and inspired the audience by sharing their experiences and ideas. The talks were followed by interactive sessions. Our students also performed cultural performances to add vigour and vibrancy to the event. The speakers were felicitated by our trustee Mr. Nitai Gaur Dhall, our Principal Dr. Jaideep Talukdar and our Director, Dr. Saroj Kanta Misra.

The event, open to registered audience only, garnered a lot of attention from the public which was evident through its houseful attendee count on the day. 250 people attended the full day event. Our sponsors, who helped to make the event a grand success, were Wow Skin Science, Healthy Niwala, Konark Beverages, EVTRIC Motors, Astrix Study, Jayaram Lenka, Project Particles, Sri Durga Condev Pvt. Ltd., Pramod Hotels & Resorts, Syllogistek, Acesocloud, Spikewell, Phytec, Squibix Digital and RedBull.