Dec' 2023

SiliconTech organizes the third edition of TEDxSITB

The Industry Interface Cell (II Cell) at SiliconTech organized the third edition of TEDxSITB on 10 December 2023 on the theme ‘Harmony in Equilibrium: Mastering the Art of Balance’.

The objective of hosting TEDx is to envisage the essence of the TED community that believes in ‘ideas worth spreading.’ TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and the talks are designed to be both informative and engaging; the ‘x’ is for independently organized events. TED Talks cover a wide range of topics, from science and technology to business and society.

This edition of TEDxSITB featured six amazing speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

Ms. Shyama Jha, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Millet Magic, Wow Mom Foods and Hastrang was the first speaker of the day. In her talk, Ms. Jha shared insights shaped by her grandmother’s teachings. She emphasized the transformative power of self-love and moments with oneself. She highlighted the importance of time management and shared her experience as the Head Girl of her school. The birth of her daughter posed emotional challenges, but Ms. Jha found harmony through letting go and maintaining inner peace. Engaging with tribal communities provided valuable life lessons and taught her the significance of balancing life and practicing self-love. Throughout her talk, she emphasized the power of muscle memory in managing life’s equilibrium.

Ms. Swati Arora, Head of Leadership Development at Tech Mahindra, Life Coach and Entrepreneur was the second speaker of the event. Ms. Arora did not let the setbacks in her life weaken her. She got married at the tender age of eighteen and had her first kid at the age of twenty one. She always aspired to excel in every sphere of life, personal and professional. Being a single mother, she decided to move back to Delhi. She taught her kids to be independent from a very young age. During their low times, she would encourage them to be headstrong and positive.  She explained how sometimes in life, we must take strong decisions that might not be appreciated but we need them for our betterment and harmony in life.

Ms. Shrutiksha Nayak Nath Entrepreneur & Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Threatsys Technologies and fbb Colors Miss India Finalist was the third speaker. In her talk, she shared her experience in the glamour world and the challenges she faced to fit in. Despite her father’s initial disapproval, she went for the Miss India auditions in 2018, with her mother’s support. Her journey was fuelled by confidence and self-belief. Over time, her father’s support proved to be a pivotal turning point in her life. Grooming herself with persistence and diligence, Shrutiksha successfully launched and now handles a thriving cybersecurity company. Her husband, who is her greatest pillar of strength, stood by her, guiding her through every obstacle. Shrutiksha stressed the importance of achieving a perfect balance and harmony in all phases of life.

Mr. Sarbajeet Mohanty, a Demonologist and Paranormal Investigator, was our fourth speaker. He shared his journey into paranormal investigation and specialization as a demonologist. He highlighted the career opportunities in this field. Mr. Sarbajeet recounted a case where a family experienced disturbances in their new dwelling due to electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution in 2016. His team regulated the EMF, resolving the issues. He emphasized that emotional disturbances often lead to fear and superstition, urging the importance of critical thinking in all aspects of life.

Mr. Suraj Rikame, Actor and Theatre Artist, was the next speaker. Enchanted by Bollywood, his love for acting drove him there. Despite a farming background and initial family disapproval, he secretly practiced monologues. Being determined, he joined an acting academy and worked as a helper. Spotted by a director, he began his onscreen journey with ‘Selection Days’ on Netflix. He stressed the crucial lesson of embracing rejections positively.

Ms. Anica Mann, Archaeologist, Writer, and Podcaster, was our final speaker. She offered a unique perspective on history, delving into the richness of Indian culture often overlooked in textbooks. Ms. Mann explored ancient dynasties and their impact, highlighting the disconnect between India’s cultural richness and the allure of Western societal systems. Her talk emphasized the importance of history, encouraging pride and honour for our cultural heritage.  History and Geography of India were delicately intertwined in her discourse.

The talks were followed by interactive sessions. Our students also performed cultural performances to add vigour and vibrancy to the event. The speakers were felicitated by our trustee Mr. Nitai Gaur Dhall, our Principal Dr. Jaideep Talukdar, and our Director, Dr. Saroj Kanta Misra.