Sep' 2020

SiliconTech Advanced VLSI Lab’s analog circuit design is part of a Industry sponsored fabricated chip

SiliconTech’s partnership with some of the world’s biggest semiconductor consortium and manufacturing companies, including IMEC, Belgium, X-FAB, Germany, and Muse Semiconductor, USA, allows the state-of-the-art Advanced VLSI Lab under the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering to fabricate microchips cost-effectively.

As part of that mandate, the Lab is collaborating with a semiconductor start-up, Boston Microtechnology LLC, in the Greater Boston area to design mixed-signal IP blocks for a power management integrated circuit (IC).

The team designed and laid out a Serial Protocol Interface (SPI) for a 32-byte calibration register, a bandgap voltage reference, a temperature-independent current source, a programmable slope current generator for a ring oscillator, and an 8-bit DAC current source. The first revision of this IC was sent for fabrication on 14 September 2020 using a 180nm Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS process.

The Advanced VLSI Lab at SiliconTech is a Center of Excellence for training and research in CMOS integrated circuits and electronic system design.