Sep' 2021

SiliconTech’s ED Cell and D2C Igniters Club organize FINMANTRA

SiliconTech’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) and D2C Igniters Club
organized ‘FINMANTRA’, a two day webinar on Personal Financial Planning from 25 – 26
September 2021.

Mr. Dhananjay Banthia, Founder, Smart Acumen Consulting and a certified financial
planner was the keynote speaker. Dr. Mahendra P. Agasty, Faculty-In-Charge, ED Cell,
gave the welcome address.

Mr. Banthia stressed the importance of personal financial planning on the first day of
his talk, as financial security is very important for everyone. On the second day, Mr.
Banthia spoke about the dynamics of stock market and mutual funds. He gave a basic
overview of the stock market and the companies and brands we should invest in. He
discussed mutual funds (SIP, STP) and the power of computing. The difference between
equity and debt was also discussed.

The webinar was attended by 100 participants.