Dec' 2022

SiliconTech’s IIC and Green Club organize an invited talk on ‘Energy Outlook: Perspectives & Challenges’

SiliconTech’s Institution Innovation Council (IIC) and Green Club jointly organized an invited talk on ‘Energy Outlook: Perspectives & Challenges’ by Shri. Sribatsa Panda, External Faculty (Industry), PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) and Ex DGM, Business Excellence, SAIL, Bokaro Steel Plant on 14 December 2022.

The talk was organized to observe the National Energy Conservation Day and sensitize the students, staff and faculty members about the future challenges that may arise due to energy concerns and the various methods in which these problems can be tackled.

Mr. Panda explained why we should extensively use non-fossil fuels instead of fossil fuels. By doing this, we will be generating fewer waste materials, which will have a positive impact on the environment. Fossil fuels are also getting depleted rapidly and switching to renewable energy sources will help us in achieving our goals of sustainable development.

More than 50 participants including students, staff & faculty members attended the informative event and enriched their knowledge.