Apr' 2024

Silicon West bids farewell to the B.Tech. graduating batch of 2024

Silicon Institute of Technology, Sambalpur (Silicon West) bade a fond farewell to the B.Tech. graduating batch of 2024 on 24 April 2024.

The farewell ceremony began with an address by Dr. Mihir Hota, Dean (Academics).Dr. Hota reflected on his first encounter with the graduating batch and shared nostalgic reminiscences. He also imparted profound words of encouragement for their forthcoming endeavors.

Subsequently, the gathering was privileged to receive insights from Dr. Manoj Kumar Mahapatra, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Mahapatra shared visionary perspectives to instill motivation and foster a spirit of excellence among the students as they prepare to embark on their respective journeys ahead.

The farewell ceremony witnessed active participation from B.Tech. students across the first, second, and third years, who collectively bid adieu to their seniors. Their heartfelt tribute was showcased through a poignant video presentation, evoking profound emotions among the departing seniors. Additionally, Mr. Piyush Das, from the Computer Science and Engineering department, was honoured with the prestigious Best Student Award for the graduating batch of 2024.

The event drew to a close with heartfelt promises of maintaining connections in the future. The farewell was arranged by the Student Council under the guidance of Mr. Ashish Singh Saluja, the Faculty-in-Charge.