Apr' 2023

Social Media Cell organizes ‘Creative Catalyst’, a workshop on designing

The Social Media Cell at SiliconTech organized a workshop on designing titled ‘Creative Catalyst’ on 29 April 2023. The objective of this workshop was to give insights into the designing principles and explore the latest tools and techniques to enhance the creativity and designing skills of the participants. The workshop was conducted in two sessions by Priyanshu Mishra (EEE, 2024) and Aditya Pradhan (CSE, 2024). Both Priyanshu and Aditya are working as graphic designers for the Social Media Cell of SiliconTech.

The first session was conducted by Priyanshu in which he shared the processes for installing the relevant software, the best practices of using free designing websites, and the methods to design posters successfully by using the available tools. He also explained the tools used in IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in detail. Priyanshu not only shared the tools, techniques, and methods of designing but he also discussed the significance of using posters and logos. He emphasized the role of posters and logos in creating brand value and fostering brand recognition. He also highlighted that designing and advertising go hand in hand.

The second session was conducted by Aditya. He focused on logo designing principles and techniques. He elaborated on the processes by which logos are designed for different companies. To make the session more interesting and interactive, Aditya displayed different logos used by multi-billionaire companies and accentuated their design principles and ideas.

The workshop received an overwhelmingly positive response from the students. A total of fifty students attended the workshop with their laptops and learned hands-on about the concepts and techniques discussed.