May' 2022

Staff Welfare Committee organizes an Invited Talk on ‘Stress-Free Teaching’

The Staff Welfare Committee of SiliconTech organized an invited talk on ‘Stress-Free Teaching’ on 4 May 2022.

The session was addressed by two eminent guests, Mr. Rashmin Pulekar and Dr. Ruchi Dahiya. Mr. Pulekar is a Senior International Art of Living faculty member, TedX speaker, and international chess player (FIDE-rated). Dr. Dahiya is a Lieutenant Commander and renowned ENT surgeon.

The speakers shed light on the causes and effects of stress in our day-to-day life. Dr. Dahiya expounded how chronic stress can lead to various life-threatening diseases like diabetes and hypertension. To manage and control stress, she advised the audience to practice Sudarshan Kriya. Emphasizing the benefits of the deep breathing exercise, she said that the technique helps to activate the vagus nerve, alleviate stress and sleep more peacefully.

The talks were followed by a brief meditation session which proved to be relaxing for the participants.