Sep' 2023

Startup Odisha Yatra 3.0 van campaign at SiliconTech campus

The Startup Odisha Yatra 3.0 did van campaigning at SiliconTech campus on 13 September 2023 with an aim to provide entrepreneurial exposure to the young minds and instill the culture of idea generation in the youth.

Startup Odisha 3.0, a flagship initiative of Startup Odisha was launched by our Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik on 11 September 2023. This initiative is strategically designed to nurture innovation, promote entrepreneurship, and actively seek out grassroots innovators and women entrepreneurs. Its overarching goal is to inspire and empower the youth to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. The Yatra plans to conduct boot camps in more than 200 educational institutions spanning across 30 districts within the state.

The students, staff, and faculty members of SiliconTech extended a warm welcome to the Startup Odisha Yatra 3.0 van. Dr. Mahendra Prasad Agasty, Head of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) delivered the welcome address. Many of our students eagerly shared their ideas during the campaign.

Startup Odisha Yatra 3.0 made a significant impact by fostering an entrepreneurial culture and empowering youth with innovative ideas during its van campaign at SiliconTech. This initiative promises to inspire and empower the next generation to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.